ZP29/31/35D Rotary tablet press
ZP17/19 Rotary tablet press
ZP17B Rotary tablet press
ZP33 Rotary tablet press
THP Flower basket type tablet press
GSG Rough mill
WFJ15/30/60 Mini-efficient pulverizer
B Universal grinder
SF Universal grinder
SXZ Series vibrating sireen
SP2500 Tablet-counting machine
CH Trough type mixing machine
V Series mixer
HD Series multi directional movement mixer
HLSG Mixing granulator
YK160/160A Sawing granulator
XL150/300 Extrude granulator
RXH Hot air cirde oven
BY Sugarcoating machine
BY Series high film coating machine
SF 130/180 Universal grinder
YK60/90 Oscillating granulator
CH10/50 Trough type mixing machine
V0.005/0.008/0.01 Series mixer
ZP01 Single punch tablet press
ZP5/7/9 Rotary tablet press
Table press dies

    Taizhou LiMing Medical Machinery Co.LTD lies on the Yangzi River.South of it is Shanghai-Nanjing highway and north Beijing-Shanghai highway.XingChang railway though our city .  Lt is convenient to transport.
    After several years'competition,the company is becoming larger and has set up,acomplete modem production line.A group of advanced engineers and technicians are admitted.Avariety of machinery equipment is widely used in pharmaceutical industry,foods and chemical industry,etc.
    Our company's managing theory is all for you,him and me,We organize producing according to ISO9000 quality managing system.
    Our company advocates creativity,exactness,steadiness and standard,We think it our duty to serve the customers,We are trying to set up a global sale net,and cooperate with the customers to fulfill the great task of human beings' health.